We are a small dedicated team of developers and IT specialists in the finance sector. We have a special interest in FIX, and Fix8 is one of the results! We are committed to the next generation of FIX in an ULL context and are endeavouring to support new versions of the protocol. We are also bringing this experience to broader areas in the capital markets space including the development of our high performance matching engine. We are always looking for new members to join us.

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David Dight - Founder and CTO

With more than 30 years experience in the finance sector, David has worked for some of the world's leading companies in this domain, including NASDAQ, Standard and Poors, Deutsche Bank, Liquid Capital and Computershare. David has many years experience with the FIX protocol, and expertise with many proprietary and open source FIX frameworks. Fix8 is also a long standing member of the FIX Trading Community. Having worked with these FIX frameworks, in 2010 David was inspired to create a more modern implementation when he conceptualized Fix8 and began development. Publishing Fix8 as open source, David demonstrated his strong advocacy of open source for the finance sector. More recently, with the advent of cryptocurrencies, David has been closely involved with integrating FIX and other protocols to deliver high performance execution. Recent successes include OSL, NSX and DRIVE Markets.

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Sergey Sedreev - Co-founder and Senior Architect

With over 20 years in software development, Sergey has experience in research/analysis, architecture, design, coding, testing/unit testing and maintenance. He also has 8+ years in team/project building and management as well as 4+ years in quantitative research. Sergey also has experience in HP/LL automated trading system development, arbitrage, machine learning, backtesting and order matching engine simulation, and has a deep knowledge of technical analysis, futures, options and FX markets. In development, he also has a deep knowledge of OOP/OOD, design patterns, C++/C#/Python programming, networking, multithreading and high-performance computing, cloud computing and cross-platform development. Sergey brings a wealth of expertise to Fix8 Market Tech.

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Julius Jeffreys - Senior Engineer

Captivated by market dynamics and how they can be more effectively enabled through computing technologies, Julius has over 10 years experience in Fintech. Starting out as a student programmer working on early purchase and payment systems for a then single digit team at SafetyCulture, Julius then joined the National Australia Bank wealth management division, where he was part of a small team of programmers who priced billions of dollars worth of assets on a daily basis. After winning the $10,000 1st prize in the 2015 NAB Innovation Hackathon, Julius decided to venture out on his own and enter the Fintech startup space. A true believer in the link between technological choices and organisational competitive advantage, Julius enjoys developing throughout the technology stack, from web centric information systems using Vue.js, the R Tidyverse and Django, through to native performance oriented applications in C++.

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Patrik Simic - Senior Engineer

Devoting the first half of his life to mathematics, Patrik spent the last 20 years developing software that reached a wide audience, including working 12 years for Altova, creator of XMLSpy xml editor with over 5 million users, as well as developing simulation software for the automobile industry prior to that. Patrik was always interested in providing an exceptional User Interface experience, from creating editing controls that can support large amounts of data to writing fast parsers for various file formats and programming languages. For most of his software development career he used C++ for creating desktop software, but at the same time he was always interested in functional programming, visiting Lisp and Haskell conferences all over the world. In the last couple of years he moved to web technologies and spends most of his time using Vue.js. Having deep rooted interest in mathematics, he never misses a chance to use graph theory, abstract algebra and number theory in his work.

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