Fix8 is our original community supported open source C++ FIX framework.

Fix8Pro is a commercially supported C++ development toolkit and runtime engine designed to provide FIX connectivity to user applications. Fix8Pro provides an API and framework that you can quickly develop a FIX interface on. Fix8Pro is flexible enough to work with any standard FIX version or custom variant. Fix8Pro supports multiple, scalable concurrent inbound and outbound connections.

UFE is a standalone FIX gateway that can speak any FIX variant (you control this by compiling your own XML schemas using Fix8Pro), handle multiple sessions reliably and robustly as well as delivering high performance. Downstream systems connect via ZeroMQ. FIX sessions can accept requests from downstream clients (REQ/REP) and can broadcast to downstream subscribers (PUB/SUB). We often refer to UFE as the UFEGW or UFE Gateway.

F8ME is our general purpose matching (trading) engine that is suitable for the buy and sell side alike. Brokers can use F8ME to internalise (net) their client orders before placing them on an exchange. Exchanges can use F8ME as a core CLOB matching service. Venues like new cryptocurrency exchanges for example can use F8ME in conjunction with UFE to provide a full execution pathway between client and exchange. Institutions can use F8ME to manage orderbooks in dark pools.

Fix8 Market Tech (Fix8MT) develops and maintains Fix8Pro, UFE, F8ME and the Fix8 open source Framework. Fix8MT has developers located in Australia, Europe and the Americas. Fix8 Market Tech is a member of the Fix Trading Community.