Fix8Pro© is not only highly configurable, it also delivers exceptional performance. Our Universal Fix Engine© (UFE) is built on Fix8Pro.

We decided to compare Fix8Pro with the QuickFIX engine to see how it stacks up.

We tested the most critical message operations Encode, Decode, Create and Destroy with a NewOrderSingle("D") message.

Here are the measured latencies in nanoseconds (smaller is better).

QuickFIX vs Fix8Pro
  1. QuickFIX: v1.15.1+ (latest @ github HEAD)
  2. Fix8Pro: v19.9.0
  3. Test message: NewOrderSingle
  4. Compiler: GCC 9.1, -O3
  5. Test CPU: Intel i7, 16GB RAM
  6. Tests:
    • serialize message
    • decode message
    • create/destroy message
    • std malloc/free

Fix8Pro is fully C++17 compliant
QuickFIX is not C++17 compliant

For more information about our performance testing using Fix8Pro© please contact us.